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Technology halts taint and makes wine portable

Summer conjures images of excursions to parks, campsites and backyards for dining under the canopy of the Coloradoan sky. With a little creativity eating well can be easy and portable for these occasions. Including wine in your picnic basket is now trouble-free because of the Stelvin closure.

Once the moniker for cheap wine; the screw cap has been re-engineered to be a superior seal. It seals out oxygen better than the traditional cork. The Stelvin closure is not susceptible to the funk of TCA, the cork mold that initially robs a wine of its fruit flavors and as it progresses imparts a wet dog, soggy cardboard taint.

Stelvin closures cost more than corks, dispelling their cheap reputation. It has been proven that corks add nothing to the aging process; the need to breathe though a cork has been dispelled. Corks can become a crumbling detriment to wine over time. The airtight seal of a Stelvin closure is ten times tighter than a cork, making them ideal for any bottle of wine, whether it is going to be drunk this weekend at your favorite picnic table or at your ten year old daughter's wedding, whenever that may be.

What really makes a bottle of wine with a Stelvin closure so ideal for outdoor dining is how effortless they are to operate. They offer an easy open with a simple yet tight re-close requiring no tools. Stelvins make any bottle of wine very portable. And if you consider all the exciting bottles of wine available with one on its business end, you'll come to realize that it is the wine bottle closure of the future. Many Australian, New Zealand, and Californian producers are popping their corks, permanently, looking to the Stelvin as their closure of choice.

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