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About Brenda

Brenda Francis is a certified Sommelier who lives and works in Denver, Colorado.   She believes there are no bad bottles of wine, only varying degrees of drinkable.   An undervalued bottle of wine is a gem, especially when it falls into the average Jane's wine budget.

One of Brenda's passions is sharing her wine knowledge with the wine drinking population of Denver.   Since simple wine vocabulary allows a shopper to explore different categories, her wine articles are an academic approach to wine. Her goal is to teach people to think in terms of place and grape, rather than brand of wine.   Armed with this knowledge most people will be able to navigate a wine list, liquor store, or have the confidence to converse with those stuffy Sommeliers at upscale restaurants!

She has been writing a weekly column in The Denver Daily News for almost two years.   She has been published in the Castle Rock News Press and Douglas County News Press for over one year.

Along with writing in the local papers, Brenda composes email marketing for six wine stores in Denver. These email newsletters focus on wine, beer, and liquor available for purchase, as well as wine tastings, favorite recipes, restaurants, and more.   Her email newsletters are a colorful way to shop at your favorite wine store, as well as learn about new and favorite libations.

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You'll find the latest Denver Daily News and Colorado Community Newspaper wine articles listed on this web site, as well as archived wine and beer articles. You'll also find links to other wine and beer related web sites too.


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