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Articles are property of Brenda Francis and are not to be reproduced in any way without written consent from Brenda Francis. Importers take the work out of choosing wine

Some of us choose a bottle of wine because we like the label or because the description hanging from the end of the shelf convinces us to buy the bottle. Still others choose by taking recommendations from a salesperson or friend. Another approach to choosing a bottle of wine is to explore an importer's offerings. Many importers create quality driven portfolios of wine from a particular country that focus on the American palate. Smart importers know their audience. Finding an importer who is tuned into a style you like offers you dozens of selections that are almost guaranteed to please. Jorge Ordoņez imports an impressive Spanish portfolio ranging from everyday bottles under $10 to collectable bottles from Priorato, Ribera del Duero, and Rioja. Eric Solomon's European Cellars is another one of my favorite Spanish importers. If you are a fan of extremely ripe fruit flavors and oak aging, I recommend dabbling in each of these Spanish portfolios. For more selections with New World nuances, look to the Grateful Palate and Epicurean Wines, two importers out of Australia. Grateful Palate brings us those beloved roogle wines. The roogle is the half kangaroo, half eagle moniker that represents the partnership of U.S. importer Dan Phillips and Aussie winemakers. Epicurean Wines represent acclaimed winemakers Charles Cimicky, Ben Riggs, James Irvine, Frank Mitolo, and the fun-loving Linder bothers of Langmeil. There are other great Spanish and Australian importers on our shelves. Finding a portfolio to explore is as easy as identifying an importers logo on the back of a bottle. Even small wine shops focus on specific wine portfolios. Importers offer a range of wines from different areas and producers, allowing you to get an overall sampling of a particular country. Dabbling within a portfolio deepens your knowledge of an area, while broadening your experience of wines available in the Colorado market.